Floral Art

General Rules

Not judged under NAFAS rules. Fresh plant material in all classes. Accessories allowed in all classes. Due to space requirements please inform Flower Show secretary by Thursday evening before show if not exhibiting.

  1. Petite over 100mm, under 230mm overall
  2. Miniature not over 100mm high, wide or deep overall
  3. On the Field a collection of foliage, space up to 600mm wide
  4. Welcome to Rio space up to 600mm wide
  5. Olympic Rings a table centrepiece, space up to 600mm wide
  6. Under the Brazilian Sun 5 yellow blooms (with foliage) space up to 600mm wide
  7. Water Sports featuring water in a dish to fit a space up to 600mm wide
  8. In the Ring for men only space up to 600mm wide