Photography Class

General Rules

All classes may include digital photographs and may include digital enhancement.
No mounts or descriptions with photograph. Remove any white borders.
Up to 180mm by 135mm unless stated.

  1. Sport/Action
  2. Architectural
  3. Live Animal
  4. Reflections
  5. Shadows
  6. Signs of the Seasons
  7. Holidays
  8. Celebration
  9. Portrait
  10. Landscape
  11. Village Life
  12. Skies
  13. Patterns
  14. Black and White – any subject up to 300mm by 250mm
  15. Large Photo – any subject up to 300mm by 250mm
  16. Live Animal Photograph children/juniors up to 15yrs
  17. Holiday Photograph children/juniors up to 15yrs