How to Exhibit

Entering the Flower Show

One entry form per person on which should be circled all classes entered for the Flower Show.

For further forms please print from the website, photocopy or phone David Ford on 01372 465352.

Download your 2019 entry forms from here.

Fee 50p per entry (25p children’s classes)

Post or deliver to David Ford, 2, Garson Close, West End, Esher KT10 8LW before or by Tuesday 20th August 2019.

Late entries accepted at £1 per entry (space permitting) no later than Thursday evening 22nd Aug 2019.

Entry on the day for the Sports or Dog Show.


  1. The Flower Show is OPEN TO ALL RESIDENTS WITHIN A RADIUS OF 3 MILES OF WEST END CHURCH AND TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS, except for Floral Art classes which are open to all.
  2. Trade growers are excluded.
  3. All entries to the Flower Show are to be received by David Ford with the appropriate fees before or by Tuesday 20th August 2019.
  4. All exhibits must be staged between 8am and 10.15am and JUDGING WILL COMMENCE PROMPTLY AT 10.30am.
  5. An exhibit will be disqualified if the exact number of each kind or variety stated in this programme is not shown.
  6. ALL EXHIBITS MUST BE NAMED WHERE KNOWN. An exhibitor may enter one exhibit only in each class and may not enter an item entered in a previous show for classes 83-124. Not more than one person from the same garden (except for children) may exhibit for prizes in the same class, except for Floral Art classes.
  7. All exhibits shown in classes 1-57, 66-67 must have been grown by the exhibitor in his/her garden or allotment, and must have been in his/her possession for at least 6 weeks before the show. Floral Art classes 58-65 may use purchased material.
  8. The judges may award extra prizes or withhold prizes depending upon the standard of entry and in classes with fewer than three entrants.
  9. Exhibitors must provide their own vases, dishes, plates, etc.
  10. All vegetable roots must be washed.
  11. Exhibits may only be cleared after 4.15pm and those remaining after 4.45pm will be auctioned at the show for charity.
  12. Money prizes will be available for collection at the show from 4.15pm.
  13. Authorised persons only may be present whilst judging is in progress when all exhibitors should leave the marquee.
  14. Exhibits are judged by RHS, NVS, NDS, NCS and NFWI standards where applicable and the judges’ decisions are final.
  15. Any complaints must be made in writing to the Show Secretary within two hours of the show opening.
  16. The Committee reserves the right to inspect the garden or allotment of any exhibitor.
  17. All exhibits, containers, personal property etc are at the risk of the exhibitor. The Committee will take reasonable precautions for their safeguard but shall not be liable for loss or damage.