Children's Sports

Run by West End Playgroup
The sports events are open to all and prizes are given to the first three in each event. Heats will be run if necessary and where appropriate. The trophies will be awarded at the prize giving at the end of the day to the winning boy and winning girl with the highest number of points.

No entry form is required but registration at the sports tent is necessary no less than ten minutes before the scheduled time of an event. Registration desk opens at 12.30pm.

Balloon Race

1. 2.30pm Open 5 yrs and under

75 metres Running

2. 2.35pm Boys 6-8 yrs
3. 2.40pm Girls 6-8 yrs
4. 2.45pm Boys 9-11 yrs
5. 2.50pm Girls 9-11 yrs

50 metres Sack Race

6. 2.55pm Open 6-8 yrs
7. 3.00pm Open 9-11 yrs

25 metres Running

8. 3.05pm Open 5 yrs and under

Egg & Spoon Race

9. 3.10pm Open 6-8 yrs

Three Legged Race

10. 3.15pm Open 6-8 yrs
11. 3.20pm Open 9-11yrs
12. 3.25pm Siblings

Obstacle Event

(150m dash, 50m sack race, 50m lift and carry and 150m dash)

13. 3.30pm Open 6 – 8 yrs
14. 3.35pm Open 9 – 11 yrs
15. 3.40pm Open 11 yrs and over