Trophies, Cups and Medals

Cups and trophies are awarded to the exhibitor gaining the highest points in the sections or classes specified. The Novice Cups* are open to those not previously having won a cup at the West End Flower Show.

In the event of a tie for any trophy, the winner of the most first prizes will take preference

Flower Show

President’s Perpetual Challenge Cup Highest in show, all classes
RHS Banksian Meda Horticultural classes 1-57
(medal winners in previous two years are not eligible)
Oddfellows Challenge Cup Vegetable classes 1-24
National Vegetable Society Medal Most meritorious vegetable exhibit in the Show
Thompson Challenge Cup Fruit classes 25-29
Roy Thompson Memorial Challenge Cup*
Fruit and Vegetable classes 1-29, novices
Nanhoran Challenge Cup Collection class 1
Village Plate Collection class 2
Bailey Trophy Onion classes 11-13
Battle of Britain Trophy Giant classes 23-24
Bullivant Challenge Cup Flower classes 31-51
Village Cup* Flower classes 31-51, novices
Bert Flippance Cup Pot plant classes 38-43
Prince of Wales Challenge Cup Hanging Basket class 44
Graham Rose Bowl Rose classes 47-51
Frank Dane Trophy most fragrant rose class 49
Chamberlain Challenge Cup Bowl of Roses class 51
Stedman Challenge Cup Chrysanthemum classes 52
Claydon Challenge Cup Dahlia classes 53-57
Alexander Challenge Bowl Floral Art classes 58-65
Kathleen Thompson Challenge Cup* Floral Art classes 58-65, novices
Ivy Baird Cup Judges Choice in Floral Art classes 58-65
Robbie Watt Tankard Men’s Floral Art class 65
Rector’s Cup Cookery class 68
Nightingale Challenge Trophy Cookery & Preserves classes 68-81 (excluding 75)
McKinnon Cup Men’s Cake class 73
Wooden Spoon Here’s One I Made Earlier
The Rolfe Salver class 82
Silver Challenge Cup Handicraft classes 83-90
Hans-Peter Newbould Cup Best single handicraft classes 83-90
Michael Newbould Cup Photography classes 91-105
Esher News & Mail Cup Best Photograph in Show classes 91-105
Junior Challenge Cup Children up to 7 years classes 106-114
Alan Hunter Memorial Cup Children 8 years to 11 years classes 106, 107, 115-120
Roger Marsden Bowl Junior 12 years to 15 years classes 106, 107, 121-124

Coronation Sports Day Tug of War Shield

Children’s Sports

Silver Trophies for the best girl and best boy