Flowers Class

General Rules

All measurements of containers are inside diameter. The class number you wish to enter is shown below by the class name and must be written on the entry form.

  1. Perennials vase of hardy herbaceous
  2. Annuals vase of any kind
  3. Sweet Peas in a vase
  4. Gladiolus 1 spike
  5. Best Bloom, Spike or Spray excluding roses
  6. Floating Bowl heads displayed in bowl not over 260mm
  7. Cut Flowers 2 vases each with 1 distinct kind
  8. Begonia Tuberous in pot not over 190mm
  9. Geranium/ Pelargonium in pot not over 190mm
  10. Pot Plant – Flowering in pot not over 190mm
  11. Pot Plant – Foliage in pot not over 190mm
  12. Pot Plant – Fuchsia in pot not over 190mm
  13. Orchid in pot not over 190mm
  14. Hanging Basket must be made up by entrant
  15. Window Box no larger than 600mm
  16. Fresh Lavender 12 fresh sprigs
  17. Rose 1 specimen
  18. Floribunda or Polianthus Rose 1 spray
  19. Most Fragrant Rose 1 bloom
  20. Roses one variety 1 in bud, 1 half open and 1 near maturity
  21. Bowl of Roses bowl not over 230mm